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TM Zero EAA – Fully Loaded Essential Amino Acid Matrix

This is a vegetarian product.


Country of Origin :
Manufacturer :

Product Information ( Key Features) :

This is a vegetarian product.

  • Instantized for rapid absorption
  • Helps in repair muscle and reduce soreness.
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Maximum muscle recovery
Weight 300 gm
Number of Serving 30
Serving Size 10 gm
Country of Origin India
Flavor Mango, Orange, Green Apple, Lemon & Water-Melon
Brand Origin Indian
Form Powder
Packaging Bottle

Product Description :

Team Muscles EAA supplement is specially formulated with all the essential amino acids. They help in building strong muscles and fulfilling the amino acid requirement in the body, to endure and perform intense physical exercises.

  • Essential Amino Acids which are not produced by our body.
  • Help your body to build & repair muscle tissue.
  • Daily amino acid maximizes your strength.
  • Fastens post workout recovery.
  • Stronger muscles helps to increase overall endurance of body.
  • Also contains BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine).
  • Reduces muscle breakdown. Increases protein synthesis.
  • No fillers, zero non-BCAA amino, sugar-free. Improves workout performance.

When to take Impact EAA?

Add 1 scoops (10g) to 300ml of water in a shaker and enjoy as a refreshing pre-, intra- or post-workout drink.

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