TM BCAAs (420g)


Category : Pre-Workout, BCAA, Amino Acids
Brand : Team Muscles
Flavor : Water Melon Green Apple Blue Raspberry Orange Lemon Fruit Punch
Weight : 420 g
Packaging : Box
Diet Type : Vegetarian
Target Gender : Unisex
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Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAA supplements are commonly taken in order to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. They may also help with weight loss and reduce fatigue after exercise.

  • BCAAs is important for muscle maintenance.
  • Energy source for muscle, ( BCAA can be an important  energy source for muscles during exercise.)
  • Ingredients which are building blocks for muscles, (BCAAs makes up 30-40% of the essential  amino acids in protein that build muscle ).
  • Support muscle condition,( BCAAs inhibits degradation of muscle protein during exercise).

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 19 cm
Flavor :

Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange, Watermelon


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