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Who we are

Supporting Athletes Since 2020

Founded in the year 2020, Team Muscles aims towards creating awareness about the importance of health and fitness across the nation. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic has made us realize the importance of health. So, we at Team Muscles believe in making health a priority, and without health, we cannot achieve anything in our life. We are a Delhi-based company that aims towards developing the best health and fitness supplement through which you can improve your health and endurance. We have our own online store where you can find a wide variety of health and fitness supplements. We’ve been born with the idea of empowering our country to be fitter, better, and stronger across the world. Our mantra is simple: “Redefine your health and achieve your fitness goals.”

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Our Vision

Train harder and maintain a healthy lifestyle with Team Muscles. We provide a large selection of nutrition and health products. Our main objective is to improve society and to spread awareness about the value of fitness and health in every Indian district. We work hard to provide the highest quality of product that will improve the quality of your life, from building muscles to recovering them and giving your body the essential nutrients and vitamins. Our products will help you to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Why TEam muscles?


Our Mission


Team Muscles provides high-quality and authentic nutrition and health supplements that are affordable and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We serve all across India through online platforms. From processing the formulation to manufacturing the products, we are a made-in-India brand that ensures that all our products are accurate and meet the safety standards of FSSAI. With the aim of promoting a healthy India in every district, we focus on delivering the best affordable supplements. 

Turning our nation stronger, fitter, and better


Yes, that is our aim, and we are turning dreams into reality for many! We are an online store that is a Made in India brand. Through which, we believe that every individual or fitness enthusiast should make health a priority. With our hectic schedules, we frequently neglect our health, and our immunity suffers as a result. With the wide variety of health and fitness supplements we offer, your health will never be left behind.


Ingredients of the highest quality that comply with international standards


Amazing, isn’t it? Well, you heard it right! We believe in making our country fitter and better. All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients that meet international standards. We are dedicated to researching the right ingredients, developing the product from those ingredients, and then giving the final touch to the product. Before we bring these products to you, all of our products go through rigorous training and clinical trials that ensure your safety.


An online store delivering fitness to everyone’s door


You know it well! Just like many other brands, we have started our venture online, reaching every corner of the nation and delivering health and happiness. We are living in a world where we are just moving towards achieving the ladder of success without taking care of our health. We at Team Muscles make sure that you are taking care of your health first, through which you will be able to achieve your goals in life. Our health products are developed in a way through which you will never let your health get affected.


The in-house process of creating and delivering the product


Yes, you heard it right! We believe in developing the product and delivering it with a bunch of happiness. We are one of the fitness brands in the market where we research, create, develop, and deliver happiness at your doorstep. For us, every customer’s fitness dream is crucial, and we are working hard to fulfil everyone’s dream and make them healthier.


Team Muscles Products Will Help You Improve Your Fitness.

 For every fitness enthusiast or gym freak, maintaining fitness with health is important. To maintain that fitness, we at Team Muscles are constantly working towards making our nation healthier and better. We provide various products like mass gainers, lean gainers, energy boosters, whey protein, whey isolate, and many more. Through this, you will not only build up your muscles but also boost your energy levels and the strength of your body.


 The blend of authenticity along with affordability


At Team Muscles, we believe in creating products that meet the criteria of authenticity. As we are living in a world where fake products can be found everywhere in the market, we ensure that our customers receive 100% authentic products. For us, “customer is God,” and your health should not be jeopardized. Along with authenticity, we also make sure that you will achieve your fitness goals and save more on a budget. We take the health of our customers seriously and offer ways in which you can maintain your healthy lifestyle. All of our products come with a verification code through which you can verify the authenticity of a product on our website.


Extensive range of products that are delivered at your doorstep


Team Muscle offers you the healthy transformation that you need to live a better life. With an extensive range of products, we offer Team Muscles Mass Gainer, Team Muscles Lean Gainer, Team Muscles Whey Protein, Team Muscles Whey Isolate and many more. Along with the health supplements, we also offer general wellness products through which you can improve your immunity and health. Basically, we are the manufacturers of the product.


The importance of Health and Fitness in Life

Are you forgetting something? Have you taken a Protein shake today?

Life has becoming hectic and busier with each blooming day. We usually forget to take care of our health in this busy phase of life. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult to maintain a healthy diet. In this case the introduction of health supplements is like a miracle. With an extensive variety of Health Supplements, you will never lack your health and fitness behind. Moreover, Team Muscles health and wellness supplements are perfect that will enhance your muscle strength, improves your immunity with many other health benefits. With Team Muscles Mass Gainer, Whey Isolate to Fish oil there are various products through which you can take care of your health on a daily basis.


Why Team Muscles?

You must be thinking now that why should you go for Team Muscles? Why not another brand?

The health industry has extended its wings to a broader version. Varieties of brands are easily found in the market in which most of the health supplements are either fake or not safe to consume. But, thanks to Team Muscles, who has introduced unique products of health supplements through which you can maintain health and fitness in a unique way. All of our products are made in such a way that you can enjoy them with refreshing drinks like smoothies or shakes. These products come in several flavors that will definitely make your taste buds fall in love and your body will gain all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and nutrients through which you can do an intense workout.